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Do your candidates have the required competencies to manage a complex sale?

An international study on recruitment of sales people found, that 80% of the companies admit, that they need to improve their recruiting processes. Furthermore, 95% of the companies indicated that their expectations from the recruited sales people were not fulfilled.

Do you sometimes discover (often too late) that...?

1. You have recruited a sales person who performs below your expectations? 
2. Resources were wasted due to loss of revenue, low profit, loss of market share? 

Our Scenario Based Assessment System (SBAS) based on Huthwaite International's validated success model will enable you to:

- Identify candidates with the greatest potential to succeed in High Value Complex sales.
- Assess and benchmark each candidate against a global data base of sales people.
- Compare candidates on a same scale to confirm your choices and to support short-listing.

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